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NewGroupIn terms of total number of regular employees, including professors, instructors, graduate assistants, tutors, and administrative support, UALR’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the largest academic department on campus. Nearly every student at UALR will pass through the Math Department at least once. With offices on the 4th floor of the ETAS building, the Department is especially poised to focus much of its attention on STEM majors. In its own right, the Department stands as a major contributor to the research persona of the University, contributing significant discoveries to the body of mathematical knowledge worldwide.


Minh Nguyen

Dr. NguyenProfessor and Chair

Office: ETAS 405C • Tel: (501) 569.3443 • Fax: (501) 569.8115

Email: • Website:


Eric Kaufmann

ericProfessor and Undergraduate Director

Office: ETAS 405G • Tel: (501) 569.8064 • Fax: (501) 569.8115



Nickolai Kosmatov

Dr. Kosmatov


Office: ETAS 405A • Tel: (501) 569.8638 • Fax: (501) 569.8115



Xiaoshen Wang

Dr. Wang


Office: ETAS 410D • Tel: (501) 569.8122 • Fax: (501) 569.8115



Xiu Ye

Dr. Ye


Office: ETAS 405H • Tel: (501) 569.8107 • Fax: (501) 569.8115

Email: • Website:


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