Trojan Experience

The Trojan Experience

A Framework for a Comprehensive Student Success Plan

UA Little Rock Student Success Plan Proposed Vision

For each student to have a personalized journey that is understood, communicated, and supported across the institution from admission through post-graduation.

Student Success Plan Goals

  • Develop a clear path for admitted students to begin their journey at UALR with a step-by-step process to move each student through successful completion of their degree in a timely manner.
  • Clearly identify and articulate services, resources, and support systems for student success.
  • Adapt learning experiences within each discipline to appeal to students’ learning styles and intelligences.
  • Build mentoring relationships between students and faculty and staff.
  • Scale high impact programs that have been demonstrated to increase retention and student success.

The Student Success Plan will be implemented as follows:

  • Phase I: Document Student Experience
  • Phase II: Locate “Bright Spots” and  Barriers
  • Phase III: Identify Success Paths
  • Phase IV: Implement Plan

Systematic use of the programs in place will engage every student. See presentation below.

Trojan Experience presentation

View the Trojan Experience Presentation

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