Online Campus VS Online Classes

UA Little Rock has two campuses: the physical one (Main) and the virtual one (eLearning or Online Campus.)

Main Campus:  Students have the option to take courses in the following manner: 

  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • Hybrid ( a mix of face-to-face and online)

Main Campus students pay regular tuition and fees and have full access to both academic and non-academic resources on campus. 

They may enroll in any course section except those identified as “9UX.”

UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus: Students may only enroll in courses online.

UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus students are declared in one of the approved fully online programs that make up UA Little Rock Online (

Both the major and the minor must be available through the eLearning/Online Campus.

Students pay reduced rate tuition and have full access to all academic resources (such as the Ottenheimer Library, Blackboard Support, Writing Center, etc.) 

Students in the Online/eLearning Campus cannot be required to come to the UA Little Rock physical campus. Students may visit if they wish to take advantage of academic services and office hours. 

They must enroll in online course sections starting with “9U.”

Students can only change campuses once in a calendar year. 

If you are interested in switching campuses, please review submit the Change of Campus Request form available on our department website:

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