Collecting and managing submissions with the Blackboard assignment tool centralizes student files, simplifies the process of grading work online, and helps facilitate the process of giving feedback. Find out more about collecting assignments in your course and contact STaR if you have questions about collecting assignments in your UA Little Rock online courses.


Getting started with Assignments

The assignment tool allows you to collect student work individually or in groups from any content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder in your course. Creating an assignment will automatically add a column to the Full Grade Center, where you can view and grade student work. Each time a student submits to the assignment tool, they receive a receipt as confirmation of their submission, which is also available to instructors in the Full Grade Center.

Learn more: Create and Edit Assignments

Grading Assignments

Work submitted through the assignment tool is accessible in the Full Grade Center, where you can assign a grade or provide feedback to students. If student work is submitted in a .doc or .pdf format, you can also view and annotate submissions from within the browser.

Learn more: Grading Assignments

Getting Started with SafeAssign

SafeAssign is used to assess assignment submissions for plagiarism and assist students with properly attributing sources. Available through the assignment tool, SafeAssign allows you to set individual and group assignment types and provides updated reviews for each new submission attempt. You may then grade the assignment in the Grade Center, review the SafeAssign report, provide feedback, and assign grades.

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