About Blackboard Course Shells

If you use Blackboard at UALR for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses, you may want to familiarize yourself with how your courses are created each semester. The following information is a quick overview of this process.

Remember, Blackboard shells are available for all courses scheduled in Banner to be taught in the upcoming semester. A unique shell is available for each section of a course.

Once created, the blank shells must be assigned content and made available for students. You can find more information about getting started each semester with your course shells by clicking on the Bb Support Tab when you login to Blackboard.

How are shells created?

Course shells for the upcoming semester will be automatically created prior to the start of the semester. Courses added to the schedule after the initial creation of course shells will appear in Blackboard once the course has been added to Banner.

Any course that is cancelled in Banner will be disabled in Blackboard and will no longer be available to any user enrolled in the course.

How are users enrolled in courses?

Enrollments are managed automatically, so instructors will have to be assigned to a course in Banner to be able to access its shell.

Students must be registered for a course to be able to access its Blackboard shell. Students who register for a course after the first day of the semester will be added to their Blackboard shells once the registration is reflected in Banner and the course enrollment script updates.

When can users access the course?

Instructors will have immediate access to course shells once the shells have been created. The blank shell will appear on the instructor’s course listing in Blackboard, where they may create course content, assign content from a previous semester’s shell, or copy from a development shell.

Though students will appear in the course shell’s roster, access to the course will be restricted until the first day of the semester. Students will lose access to live course shells at the end of the semester 30 days after the date when grades are due.