Campus Cup

The Campus Cup challenge is for registered UA Little Rock student organizations. Student organizations that participate in the intramural sports programs earn points toward the Campus Cup for the current academic year. Below is the list of eligibility guidelines and the point system used to determine the overall Campus Cup Champion.


  1. To be eligible, your team name must be incorporated in the team name.
  2. Only members of that organization are allowed to play on the team.
  3. Sportsmanship rating must be above a 3.75 average.

Competitive Point System

10 pts = 4th Place

20 pts = 3rd Place

25 pts = 2nd Place

50 pts = 1st Place

Sportsmanship Point System

25 pts = league average of 3.75

Participation Point System

10 pts = Team Creation

15 pts = No Default/Forfeits

Maximum Total Campus Points = 100 pts