Team and Player Conduct

Ejection Policy

Player, Fan, Coach

  1. Player, Fan , Coach +2 unsportsmanlike conducts = EJECTED FROM GAME AND MUST SIT OUT THE NEXT GAME.
  2. Player, Fan, Coach +3 cumulative unsportsmanlike conducts for the season/tournament = REMOVAL FROM TOURNAMENT/SEASON.
  3. Player, Fan, Coach +4 cumulative unsportsmanlike conducts for the semester = REMOVAL FROM REMAINDER OF EVENTS FOR THE CURRENT SEMESTER.


  1. Teams +3 unsportsmanlike conducts for the game – FORFEITURE OF GAME.
  2. Team +4 cumulative unsportsmanlike conducts for the season/tournament = REMOVAL FROM TOURNAMENT/SEASON.

A team is responsible for the actions of individual members and for the spectators directly related to them before, during and after participation. Teams/organizations will be responsible for their groups conduct. An individual or team must be able to accept defeat wholesomely without blaming others. The following will be considered evidence of unsportsmanlike actions:

  • Profanity
  • Unnecessary delay of game
  • Striking or shoving an opponent or official
  • Arguing with officials or supervisors
  • Derogatory or abusive remarks towards an opponent or official
  • Abuse of equipment
  • Unruly fans
  • Any action in which the intent to physically injure an opponent or show disregard for the rules of the sport or campus recreation staff

Individual & Team Penalties

  • Disrespect Toward Staff or Officials: Any individual(s) addressing a staff member or official in an unsportsmanlike or discourteous manner may immediately be disqualified and ejected from the game/event at the discretion of the game administrator on duty. A second ejection or incident deemed as more severe may result in disqualification from that sport and future sports for the remainder of the semester or entire calendar year.
  • Disrespect Toward Opponents: Team members, managers, spectators or coaches displaying unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior will be ejected from the game. Team managers and individuals may or may not be warned prior to forfeiting a contest.
  • Shoving/Striking a Staff Member or Official: This shall result in suspension from all intramural sport activities for the remainder of the school year or the next academic year in some instances. In some cases, the coordinator may choose to ban the participant from play for the duration of that participant’s time at the UA Little Rock and will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students.
  • Fighting: If the instigators can be identified, they will be suspended from further participation in that sport. More severe instances will result in termination from intramural sport events.
  • Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted on or around the playing area. Any person who appears to have been drinking or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the premises. The officials assigned to the game or any staff member has the authority to make a decision.
  • Destruction of Property: Any person/team that will fully causes damage to equipment or playing area shall assume responsibility for the full cost of repairs or the replacement.