Leagues and Divisions, Manager’s Responsibility, Rosters

Leagues and Divisions

Most of our events are divided into Men’s, Women’s, and/or Co-Rec leagues. When Co-Rec leagues are offered, participants are allowed to participate on a single gender team and co-rec team at the same time.

Manager’s Responsibility

Managers will serve as the liaison between Intramural Sports staff and his/her team. Every team must have a manager. Our experience has shown that alert and efficient managers correlate highly with the most competitive teams. Some of the responsibilities for a team manager are:

  • Complete rosters with name, university ID numbers, and other information online.
  • Remind team members about the need for medical coverage.
  • Ensure team compliance with all eligibility rules. This includes compliance with the varsity athlete requirements. A varsity athlete is any student, who is a member of a varsity athletic team on or after the varsity teams first scheduled game at any four year or junior college institution.
  • Select team name and enter team into competition by the registration deadline.
  • Ensure team members understand and abide rules for that sport, in addition to the regulations of the Intramural Sports Handbook.
  • Inform team members of play schedules to avoid a forfeit or default.
  • Check the Campus Recreation Facebook and/or Twitter account/website for rainouts, postponements, and reschedules.
  • Ensure that all individuals associated with the team comply with all rules, policies and procedures.
  • Serve as the on-court or on-field liaison for teams with officials.


All team rosters must be created by their deadline. Rosters should be completed 48 hours after registration deadline. Rosters should include: team name, manager’s information, league, players’ names, and student ID numbers. Players may be added to team rosters 24 hours before the team 1st scheduled game and must be made via email or in person before 3pm. Individuals must be listed on a team’s roster before they participate. Those listed must meet eligibility requirements (see “Eligibility”). Player substitutions in individual and dual tournaments are not permitted after the first tournament round is played.

It is the manager’s responsibility to verify team rosters if there are any questions. Any printed roster from the office is final. Any appeals of rosters should be made through the Office of Campus Recreation.