SSS Updates and a note from the director

Welcome back, SSS students!

I hope that your first week went well and that you’re well on your way to a successful semester.

Over the summer, we went through the processes of updating our SSS website to make it more user-friendly. We are at the same address, but our “house” has been renovated:

Please use this site as a way to stay up-to-date about the workshop offerings (some of which may be added as the semester progresses), tutoring schedules, and as time goes on, more and more information useful to you about how to (continue to) be successful in college — check back regularly. We will be adding access to another calendar as we populate more dates, which will allow you to view various free and reduced-cost educational and cultural events happening at UALR and in the Little Rock community. As we adjust to this updated website, we’ll be using email less to communicate with you and relying on the website more.

Also, you should remember that when you signed up for SSS, you agreed to meet with your Academic Advisor at least twice each semester and to attend two SSS-approved workshops each semester. Each semester, these are the minimum requirements to be eligible for SSS Grant-Aid (0-59 credits total) and the Chancellor/Provost Scholarship (60+ credits) in that semester.  You will have to have met your SSS active participation requirements in the previous semester in order to be eligible for the book loan program.

I personally encourage you to take advantage of the resources you have as a participant of SSS, particularly the counseling/advising and tutoring; these are free services to you. We often receive phone calls just about our tutoring and we have to turn many students away due to our federal funding requirements. It is important that you use the tutoring services before you ever start to have a problem in a class – use tutoring to remain successful. Those who use it regularly know its value: yet most of you do not use it at all. With the evening and walk-in options for for the tutoring lab, I have faith that if you haven’t already, you will take advantage of this rare opportunity to strengthen your academic performance and confidence (and thus increase your course participation). Grades are not given by instructors, they are earned by the students and I know that all of you are capable of the work it takes to do well. We are here to help gain the skills required to meet your goals. I look forward to seeing a busy tutoring lab.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us, whether you need a place to vent, relax, or if you’re seeking redirection/advice. We’re here to assist you in achieving your goals.

Best wishes as you progress on your journey to graduation!

TRIO Computer Lab and Staff hours | Speech 105 | M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
SSS Tutoring Lab | Speech 104 | M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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