Admissions Exams

For prospective students, UA Little Rock accepts a variety of admissions tests for undergraduate and graduate level programs. This page lists all of the tests accepted at UA Little Rock, however, Testing services only administers the Accuplacer for prospective undergraduate students and the Miller Analogies Test for prospective graduate students. While these tests meet the needs of many students at UA Little Rock, it is important to talk to an admissions advisor about any questions you may have prior to scheduling your appointment. To view a comprehensive list of all tests offered or accepted at UA Little Rock, check out our Exam Directory.

Undergraduate Admissions

UA Little Rock Testing Services offers the Accuplacer Exam for college admissions as well as placement into Math and Composition courses. While we do not offer the ACT or the SAT, we also accept their scores for admission and placement. The document below shows the current cutoff scores for Math and Composition for all three tests.

Please visit the Student Guide to figure out what kind of student you are, and where you should start!

For more information about each of these tests, click on the links below.

Graduate Admissions

Students looking to apply for Graduate School at UA Little Rock should contact the specific program they are applying to in order to find out about test requirements. The only Graduate Admissions Test offered by UA Little Rock Testing Services is the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). For more information about the MAT and other admissions tests accepted by our graduate programs, click on the links below.

Program Specific and Special Admissions

Some programs as UA Little Rock require specific tests in certain circumstances. listed below are any additional exams that might be required for admittance to UA Little Rock or your specific program of study.

  • HESI (Certain Nursing programs)
  • TOEFL (English as a Second Language)
  • IELTS (English as a Second Language)

For more information about English language score requirements for International students, contact the Office of International Student Services.