Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility

When you register for classes, you will be required to acknowledge your financial responsibility, as follows:

  • I understand that upon my registration, I have made a contractual financial obligation to pay all tuition and fees associated with any classes in which I register, unless I drop/withdraw by the tuition and fee adjustment schedule dates listed on the Bursar’s website. “Not Attending” does not remove this obligation.
  • I am responsible for reading and following the drop/withdrawal policy of the university, as posted on the Bursar’s website.
  • I authorize UA Little Rock to apply any financial aid I receive toward my account balance. If my aid is reduced or canceled, I understand that I will be fully responsible for all charges not covered by financial aid and am required to make payment arrangements. Failure to make payment arrangements will result in class selections being deleted.
  • UA Little Rock’s official method of correspondence with students, including billing, is via the UA Little Rock assigned email address. I accept my responsibility to access my UA Little Rock assigned email account regularly and to take any required action.
  • I understand and agree that UA Little Rock will assess financial penalties on any past-due accounts. The penalties assessed are $50 for each late payment. At semester end, I understand and agree that if I have a past due account, my account may be referred to an outside collection agency and result in additional charges that are up to 33% of the outstanding principal debt.

Please visit Collection Procedures for Student Receivables to review the collection procedures for student receivables. Further questions may be directed to the Bursar’s Office at 501-916-3450.