Advising FAQs

Below are some commonly asked questions divided by category to help you with advising and registration.

Advising Information

When do I need to be advised?

School of Business students who are new to UA Little Rock should schedule an appointment with their assigned advisor once admitted to the university. Our advisors are assigned to each major within the School of Business and students are required to see an adviser before they register for classes. For current students, advising should be done in late September to early October for spring registration and in late March to April for summer and fall registration.

Personalized advising conversations are intentional and assist students in learning to assess their competencies, discover their passions, and clarify their academic paths toward graduation. Academic advising processes assist in clarifying and reinforcing optimum course sequences to plan degree completion on a full-time or part-time basis.

How do I pick a major in the School of Business?

Students unsure about School of Business majors are welcome to meet with advisors to ask questions about different majors.

Which classes fulfill an elective requirement?

In each of the School of Business degrees, electives are part of the graduation requirements. There are 3 types of electives: unrestricted, upper-level, and major electives. Unrestricted electives are courses taken from a variety of departments at UA Little Rock. Courses in the unrestricted electives category may be 1000-4000 level courses. Upper-level electives are available in a variety of departments and must be at the 3000-4000 level. Major electives are those within a defined major and are typically chosen from a list of several options.

How do I calculate my GPA?

In order to determine a grade point average (GPA), a student will need to calculate the grade points for each course by multiplying the number of points the grade is worth by the number of credit hours the course carries. Thus, an “A” letter grade (worth four (4) points) in a three-credit hour course is worth 12 points, and a “B” letter grade (worth three (3) points) in the same course is worth nine points.

The GPA is determined by adding the total point values for all courses and dividing the total point values by the total number of credit hours attempted during the same period of time (see table below).

Developmental courses are not included in the computation of cumulative grade point averages but are calculated in the semester GPA.

NOTE: You can also use the GPA Calculator.

How many hours are considered full or part time?

A student enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours during the fall or spring term or six (6) credit hours during a summer term is considered a full-time student. Eighteen (18) hours is the maximum load a student may carry during a regular semester. Any student who wishes to take more than 18 hours must request permission from the Department Chair of their major prior to registration.

Who needs to complete a First Year Colloquium course?

Beginning in the Fall of 2011, all first-time entering, degree-seeking students must enroll in a First Year Colloquium course within the first 12 hours of coursework. Examples of this course are BSAD 1100: Business Perspectives, PEAW 1300: First Year Experience, or another approved First Year Colloquium course (i.e. courses for scholarship programs or First Year Experience courses with other majors at UA Little Rock). Students who are transferring to UA Little Rock with 12 or more transferable hours will not need to complete a First Year Colloquium course.

Where is the School of Business Computer Lab?

The School of Business Computer Lab is located in RBUS 109A on the first floor of the Reynolds Building. It is open from 7am to 10pm, Monday thru Friday.

To access the Computer Lab you will need to be a currently enrolled School of Business student and you will need to have your UA Little Rock student ID present to open the swipe-lock.

Registration Information

When can I register for classes?

For new and re-admitted students, you must be formally admitted to UA Little Rock before you can register. Registration is based on your classification including all hours earned. For current students, registration is permitted according to your earned hours. You can review each term’s Registration Guide online.

How do I register for classes?

You can learn how to register using the Office of Records and Registration website. You can also contact your advisor.

What are online and hybrid courses?

Online courses are designed to give students the opportunity for quality education using a self-directed environment. The term “hybrid” describes courses that are a combination of online and on-campus. In other words, you will be required to come to campus on a designated day for your course and you will complete the remaining course work online.

Students taking online and hybrid courses should:

  • Maintain good study and time management habits.
  • Employ self-discipline and attention to detail.
  • Read your course syllabus very closely.
  • Watch out for assignment due dates and exam dates.
  • Log in to the online course as often as you would attend a traditional course.
  • Utilize a functional knowledge of personal computers and reliable internet access.

You can access your online or hybrid courses using Blackboard, which you can reach through your MyUALR account. For questions about online courses, contact your professor or see the Blackboard Student Support website.

How do I know which courses I need to complete for my degree?

Check your degree checklist, according to your catalog term.

When and where should I drop a course?

You may add or drop classes online each semester by the deadline dates listed in the Academic Calendar. After the initial deadline for drop/add, you may no longer add classes and cannot drop classes online. However, to drop or withdraw by the final semester deadline, fill out and submit the Drop/Withdrawal Form to the Office of Records and Registration in the Student Services Center, Room 218. You can also mail or fax the form to this office.

How do I waitlist for a course?

Procedures and rules for waitlisting are available online.