Student Chapter of the ACM Hosts MS Office Workshop for AR Secretary of State’s Office

The UA Little Rock Student Chapter of the ACM recently hosted a Microsoft Office training workshop for the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office. These students led this workshop and made in impact off-campus at the state level through skills they mastered at UA Little Rock. The Chapter have held multiple workshops so far this semester and plan to conduct more in the future.

The three trainers were Denver Ellis, Gaige Ehrenworth, and John Clements. These three students are also research students in the Emerging Analytics Center.

Denver Ellis offered some details about the event.

Interviewer: Why is MS Office utilized so much, today?

MS Office is the standard tool because it’s relatively intuitive and also because open source options are scary to some people.

Interviewer: How was working with the Secretary of State’s Office?

It was interesting to see the inner workings of the state office. I have more appreciation for the office, now. After this workshop experience, we can better cater exercises to their work flow. Everyone was really nice, receptive, and open minded, so that helps, too.

Interviewer: How can someone get involved with the ACM?

Monday, we have our business meeting at 6PM.  We host Tinker Tuesday also at 6 PM(but on Tuesday, of course), and this is for working on individual or club projects or homework. On Fridays, (at 6, again) our fun days, we hang out, socialize, and play video games in EIT 417. All are welcome!

Thank you to Denver for the details and thank you to John and Gaige for representing the EAC so well. Enjoy the photos from the workshop below, and hopefully, we will see you at chapter events in the future!


Interview by: Seth Cook

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