Student Chapter of the ACM Participates in ExtraLife Fundraiser

The students who are members of the UA Little Rock Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery have certainly done a great job of being involved on campus. The Chapter began making waves last year when it made began training state employees on Microsoft Word. From then, it’s been weekly meetings and other projects that have only helped the Organization grow. This past month, the chapter held a computer drive, where donations were given to students in need, who may not have a computer for the switch to online classes due to COVID-19. The first weekend of November, the Chapter also participated in a live streaming event for Extra Life on the Twitch platform. The Chapter played video games as well as displayed a smelting project in order to receive donations from viewers. We are ecstatic to report that the Chapter brought in over $1250, which is $250 over the goal! The donations will go to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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UA Little Rock ACM members stream a smelting project for charity














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