A Laptop for Graduation

It’s graduation season – a very exciting time of year indeed!

A gift that could help your favorite graduating high school senior in the years to come is a laptop. Many people gift laptops to their college bound seniors, but find themselves unsure of what will be required of the computer once college starts.

For classes in the department of construction management and civil and construction engineering we have a few requirements for laptops.  In general, laptops built for gaming should be fine. However, we recommend one with a processor speed of 3 gigahertz or more. We also recommend a minimum of 8 gigabytes of RAM. Having a higher speed or more RAM would be great, but these numbers would meet what is required for our classes. Windows 10 Professional is the recommended operating system.

The programs needed on the laptop will vary each semester depending on the classes a student is enrolled in. If your student wants to brush up on technical skills over the summer, make sure they have a solid grasp on the Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel. Free classes on Excel are offered through the Central Arkansas Library System as well as other library systems.

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