Core Council Forms

Core Course Submission or Revision
These forms can be used to submit a new Core course or to revise an existing Core course.

We encourage and invite programs to consult with the Core Council during the Core Course submission and revision drafting processes. Consulting with the Core Council members may serve as an excellent opportunity to receive valuable feedback on proposed Core Course titles, descriptions, and criteria alignment prior to navigating the formal curriculum approval process. Completed forms should be emailed to the chair of Core Council.

Communication – Written Criteria Application Form
Fine Arts Criteria Application Form
Communication – Spoken
Social Sciences

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Application Form
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Application Form
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History of Civilization Criteria Application Form
Humanities Criteria Application Form
Mathematics Criteria Application Form
Science Criteria Application Form
Social Sciences Criteria Application Form
US History/Government Criteria Application Form

College Core Revision
This form can be used to make revision to the College Core portion of the UALR Core Curriculum.
Completed forms should be emailed to the chair of the Core Council.
College Core Revision Form