Livestreaming rooms offer greatly expanded features

Beginning in June 2020, IT Services launched a project designed to modernize the hardware in ten academic classrooms and seven administrative conference rooms across campus by giving them additional video conferencing capabilities. Since these areas already had audio and visual systems installed in them, new features could be augmented onto the existing systems.

Photo of the Stella Boyle Concert Hall looking out from the stage to the auditorium. There is a tall brick wall with long hanging drapes on the side of the seating area where there are rows of cushioned seats, The hall is empty of people.In order to meet the remote learning needs of our students, the project initially focused on updating the academic spaces with the goal of completing them as quickly as possible. Immediately following that phase of the project, the attention shifted to updating the administrative conference rooms. The final improved administrative conference room was completed in February 2021.

The room updates include a camera and microphone setup as well as either a projector or display system. Some rooms have full audio while others have a more limited presenter audio solution. The new cameras feature pan, tilt, and zoom functions that are controlled by the Crestron room system. All of the rooms were integrated into the Crestron room control system for easier use.

The revamping of these rooms has made them simple to use and allows the faculty to achieve the same experience as a personal Zoom conference. Contact your local academic technician support person or IT Services if you need assistance utilizing any of the new livestreaming rooms.

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