Cybersecurity training required for employees Fall 2021

The IT Services Information Security Office is implementing several technologies and systems to secure UA Little Rock connections and data. 

Image of a yellow yield traffic sign that contains a photo of a laptop computer and the words "CYBER SAFETY'. Even though cyber attacks are becoming increasingly more complicated, we must realize and accept that technology alone cannot solve every security issue nor be depended upon as the only reliable solution. As users of UA Little Rock’s cyber systems, we are the most important component of the university’s information security structure.

Users accessing UA Little Rock infrastructure and processing university data can help detect attacks that may not otherwise be detected by security technologies. In an effort to identify attacks and utilize internet and cyber resources responsibly, security awareness training is of the utmost importance.

At the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester UA Little Rock employees will be required to attend security awareness training. The goal of the training program is to mitigate cyber risks as much as possible by increasing the cybersecurity awareness of UA Little Rock faculty and staff.

This training program is also an important element of compliance requirements as outlined by the National Institute of Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework policies which have been implemented by the UA System Office. A key element of these policies is to utilize user awareness training to increase their level of cybersecurity understanding.

The training program, which has been reviewed and approved by the university’s administration, explores the following topics:

  • Browser Security
  • Email and Messaging Safety
  • Protection Against Malware
  • Cybersecurity Overview

The training includes two short videos created by IT Services that focus on UA Little Rock’s online security policies and describe recent cyber attacks against campus users and systems.

For additional information regarding the upcoming security awareness training program, please contact IT Services.

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