Recycling of Technology on Campus

There are several circumstances that can cause equipment technology to no longer be needed or useful in departmental offices. Work areas may have desktop and/or laptop computers, monitors, projectors, webcams, etc. that are underutilized, outdated, unsupported, or even broken.

Fortunately there is a process available to facilitate the recycling of this equipment.

IT Services is ready to assist departments in identifying any workstations or other devices that are broken, reached their end-of-life, or are unsupported. These are valid conditions that warrant such devices being removed and destroyed through the Marketing & Redistribution process.  

For those workstations that have additional life, the IT Services team will work with departments to help prepare those devices for possible reuse in other work areas within their office. If the workstations are no longer needed in their office, the team will assist them in transferring the inventory to the IT Services Assistance Center for repurposing and prioritizing across campus, or for parts. 

Departments are encouraged to contact IT Services if they have any questions regarding the recycling of technology in their areas.

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