Workday Student will provide a student-centered platform with benefits for students, faculty, staff

Many of you have been involved in conversations regarding the Workday Student implementation. Whether your involvement in the configuration has been through direct interactions or casual conversations to date, your collaboration has been essential, and we are grateful for your continued commitment to student success.

For those who have yet to hear of Workday Student, it is a student-centered platform that unifies the administrative processes associated with a student’s progression from admission through graduation.

Key benefits include:

  • Access to what you need when you need it.
    Workday delivers information through an intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-friendly desktop and mobile app. Access the information you need from anywhere at any time.
  • Consistent, reliable, and real-time data directly available to you. 
    No more waiting for information needed to make strategic decisions. Query data and build reports using your specifications.
  • Digitalization of processes.
    Integrating current systems across institutions and eliminating manual and paper processes will improve efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness to internal and external stakeholders. Machine learning capabilities cater to individual needs, putting key tasks front and center.

What this means for students:

  • A modern, user-friendly digital environment.
    Today’s students are less forgiving when it comes to unmet digital expectations. As a result, they are more likely to seek educational options that make processes easy to understand and user experiences that meet their evolving expectations. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use mobile app, Workday will help meet students where they are.
  • Transfer with ease.
    With all UA System institutions working within the same platform, transferring between campuses becomes faster and easier. Workday uncomplicates academic progress tracking between institutions, making the transfer from a two-year college to a four-year university virtually seamless. Future enhancements will allow students to build out academic plans that span two-year colleges, four-year universities, and professional programs within the UA System.
  • More ways to self-serve.
    Workday’s self-service capabilities will give students more autonomy and better access to the tools that shape their degree plan. The positive impacts of these improvements will be reflected in student satisfaction and improved time to graduation.
  • Manage it in one place.
    Students can register for classes, view their schedules, review financial aid, pay bills, and monitor their academic progress from one unified application.

What this means for faculty and staff:

  • Focusing on student success.
    Staff will use Workday to find or update student information and complete admissions, enrollment, records, and financial tasks to support students through their journey from application to graduation. In addition, Workday’s native dashboard functionality allows for quick access to common tasks and reports so time can be spent better serving students.
  • Simplifying teaching tools to prioritize instruction. 
    Faculty will use Workday to review teaching schedules, manage class rosters, enter grades, and support advisees. Workday will provide the tools to gain insights into their teaching activities and engage with students in moments that matter.
  • Insights for academic resource planning.
    Workday unifies Financial Management, Human Resources, Planning, and Student applications in a single platform, creating instant data access spanning multiple disciplines. Offers greater insights into planning course offerings, utilization, and required resources.

Please visit our UA Little Rock Workday Student webpage for more information about the project. Here you can find demonstration videos of Workday Student business processes, flyers to print with Workday Student information for your team, who is part of the Workday Student project, timelines, ask us a question, and more.

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