Prep for the Virtual SLEEP 2020 Conference Is Under Way

The biobehavioral laboratory has been meeting online weekly with students to prepare for the virtual SLEEP 2020 Conference. Students are going above and beyond and our professors have been there to help them all summer long throughout the COVID crisis. We have two posters we are presenting in conjunction with Hendrix College.
Check out these two abstracts (Abstract 1 & Abstract 2 ) which were accepted for publication in a special edition of the journal Sleep that can be viewed here
The professors involved are David Mastin and Bruce Moore from UALR and Jennifer Peszka, PhD from Hendrix College.
The other names are students from UALR. The students involved are Three Active Authors (Quattom, Monnar,; Sanders, Madison,; Michelle, Shalonda), three Other Authors (Halimeh, Natalie,; Collins, Benjamin,; Critton, Jeremiah,; Henderson, Maya) and one Active Non Author: Mills, Jessica).
Note Maya Henderson is/was a high school student.
The posters based on the abstracts to be presented this year are under construction still but check out last year’s posters here: Poster, Poster 2. You can view the Power Points here: Power Point, Power Point 2, Power Point 3, & Power Point 4.
Students should  be funded by the department to attend the virtual conference SLEEP 2020 (
The students should benefit from attending the virtual conference by:
  • See and enter the community of scholars and researchers.
  • Network with other faculty and students.
  • Validate their viability as a future graduate student (See other university undergraduate and graduate students and learn that they can compete).
  • Further their education by attending lectures and presentations.
  • Attend virtual lectures and presentations – further education.
  • Practice their research and presentation skills
  • Write and present a poster
  • Develop self-confidence as researcher and scholar.

This is a photo of the team presenting locally in 2019.


This is the full team (minus Ms. Peszka) on one of the days we worked on the abstracts this summer.

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