UA-Pulaski Technical College Tuition Match Scholarship

Scholarship for UA-PTC Transfer Students

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has partnered with the University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College to create a new matching scholarship for UA-Pulaski Tech transfer students who continue their education at UA Little Rock.

Beginning in the fall, UA-Pulaski Tech students who transfer to UA Little Rock will receive a scholarship that will match their UA Little Rock tuition to their previous tuition at UA-Pulaski Tech. The scholarship, which is valued up to approximately $5,000 over four semesters, will be available to UA-Pulaski Tech students who are admitted to UA Little Rock as a first-time undergraduate transfer student for the fall 2023 semester and who have earned a technical certificate or higher from UA-Pulaski Tech prior to enrolling at UA Little Rock. The scholarship is renewable for one year for students who meet requirements.

Students are not required to apply for the scholarship. Once students are admitted, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will apply the appropriate award amount to your class prior to each the term. There is no minimum enrollment requirement to receive the scholarship in a given term.

Scholarship example:

UA-PTC tuition is $138 per credit hour, and UA Little Rock’s tuition is approximately $220 per credit hour.

The difference in tuition is $82/credit hour. Therefore, students who enroll in 12 hours would receive $984 for that term.