Campus Bookstore Annual Report 2015-2016

I. Mission

The mission of the Campus Bookstore is to collaborate and innovate with campus partners fuel academic success; to be a support system for students, and to ensure students have access to the most affordable course materials.

II. Values

We support and celebrate the social and academic aspirations of students, faculty, alumni and administrators. We continue to be energized by what’s next for our industry and for UA Little Rock.

III. Vision

Our vision is to continually pioneer what’s next in higher education to help enroll and retain students.

IV. Highlights

We have successfully achieved our goals in 11 initiatives that help drive sales and make students aware of the advantages of using their campus bookstore. Some initiatives include:

  • New Student Connection app which enables students to get updates on promotions and events with the Bookstore, including 50% off clearance, book buy back dates, Buy One Get One sales, and giveaways; over 1,300 students enrolled, generating over $104,000 in revenue.
  • Alumni Connection, where the bookstore sends 3 or 4 emails annually to inform about free shipping and discount days
  • FacultyEnlight, an online site for faculty to order textbooks, including a pre-populated list of previously-ordered books as well as a listing of what other universities are using
  • VIP event including a DJ, give ways, fashion show and gifts for everyone in attendance
  • Gradfest, an event where upcoming graduates can obtain their regalia
  • Book grant awards totaling $10,000 given to 24 students to receive 9 hours of books, which are based on need, grade point essay, and a short essay

V. Assessment

Four times a year we have a mystery shopper that visits our store. Telephone evaluations had ratings of 100%. There are 11 questions total, including:

  • Were you connected in four rings or less?
    Did you receive a complete greeting from the bookseller?
  • How long was your hold time?
  • Were you offered additional assistance?
  • Over all experience?

In store evaluations had ratings of 90%. There are 28 questions, including:

  • Was everyone wearing a name badge?
  • Did you receive fast service at the register?
  • Was the customer the number one priority in the store?
  • Were you assisted by a friendly and acknowledgeable sales associate
  • Booksellers walked customers to the shelf and put the book in the customer’s hand?
  • Did you experience or observe a WOW! Experience today?’

VI. Priorities for Next Year

  • Enable graduates to order caps and gowns online
  • Recruit for Bestseller Program which leads to a management position for a student upon graduation
  • Build our team in the bookstore by continuing to inspire and develop talent
  • Ignite Success programs for students, faculty and alumni
  • Social Hub events like VIP and DESTRESS events
  • Drive sales and profitability
  • Recruit a Best Seller, an employment program that Barnes and Noble offers to students; Best Sellers learn all aspects of running a bookstore and when they graduate Barnes and Noble will find them a management position in a store with a bonus for finishing the program and a moving allowance
  • Continue to provide students with different options in the way they purchase their books.
  • Continue to grow our team spirit dept. by having what the student and faculty need.

VII. Appendix: Fast Facts

  • $10,000 given in student scholarships for books
  • Students can now order books online and choose either $7.50 flat shipping or in-store pick up, eliminating the need to wait in line.
  • Campus Bookstore employs approximately fifteen students during the year.
  • Students saved $1,694,260 by renting their textbooks vs. buying, compared with $873,523 last year.