Campus Bookstore Annual Report 2016-17


The mission of the Campus Bookstore is to drive success in and out of the classroom.


  • Affordability
  • Campus partnership
  • Academic success
  • Campus engagement


The vision of the Campus Bookstore is to pioneer what’s next for textbooks and educational materials in higher education


Provides an environment in which students can pursue their educational goals

  • Increased usage of Faculty Enlight book adoption software for faculty, increasing promptness of textbook arrivals in the bookstore.


  • No shrinkage in 2016-17, which means no additional cost was passed on to customers
  • The bookstore at Bowen School of Law was deemed no longer necessary (students are shipped their textbooks), and the space has been repurposed for a dining option through Campus Dining
  • Sponsored athletic t-shirt giveaways
  • Hosted VIP event during Trojan Daze complete with Fashion Show


A survey sent to all students in February 2017 yielded 174 responses and the following results.

  • Overall performance
    90% rated good, very good, or excellent
  • The campus bookstore has a positive impact on my image of the school
    68% indicated somewhat agree or strongly agree
  • (The Campus Bookstore) would be ready and willing to help me (with a problem)
    73% rated somewhat agree or strongly agree
  • I have access to the bookstore whenever I need it
    79% rated somewhat agree or strongly agree

Priorities for next year

  • Build our team by continuing to inspire and develop talent
  • Ignite Success programs for students, faculty, and alumni
  • Social Hub events like VIP and DESTRESS events
  • Drive sales and profitability

Appendix: Fast Facts

  • 19,156 textbooks purchased in FY 2016-17; 9,091 textbooks rented
  • Students saved $755,963 in FY 2016-17 from renting vs. buying their textbooks