General Chemistry Placement Test

The General Chemistry Placement Test is one prerequisite for enrollment in CHEM 1402 that measures one’s level of proficiency. It is not required for those that have received a minimum score of 24 on the Science Reasoning Section of the ACT.

An appointment is required. Walk-ins are not permitted.

NOTE: One MUST have successfully completed either College Algebra, Trigonometry, or Calculus in addition to achieving a passing score on the Chemistry Placement Test to be allowed to enroll in Chemistry.

The goal, of the General Chemistry Placement Test, is to facilitate proper course placement to increase the likelihood of student success once enrolled in CHEM 1402. Course credit is not awarded.

Please refer to the Chemistry Department’s website for the General Chemistry Placement Test for additional information regarding all requirements.


  • The test consists of 40 multiple choice questions (20 math questions and 20 chemistry questions) that must be completed in 40 minutes
  • Each student can attempt the placement test twice in a semester with a gap of at least one week to be eligible to take the test the second time in the same semester.
  • Students with appropriate documentation from the DRC will receive extended time.
  • A score of 60% or greater is required to “pass” the exam.
  • The test is free.
  • Government issued photo ID is required for admission. Acceptable IDs include: UA Little Rock ID card, driver’s license, passport, Arkansas State ID, or military ID.
  • A basic non-programmable calculator is permitted.
  • Scratch paper is provided by Testing Services and collected after your exam.
  • You are responsible for learning which items are prohibited.

On your appointment date, you will be provided with these Chemistry Placement Test Instructions and asked to review them before testing.