EAC and Cybersecurity Club Students Participate in Jolt Cyber Challenge

The Venture Center’s 2019 JOLT Cyber Challenge took place on Sunday for nearly 150 participants in over 35 teams from across the region.

The JOLT Cyber Challenge is an expert-designed cybersecurity training that requires hundreds of volunteer hours to produce. Corporate, student, and individual teams participate in order to teambuild.

Students from the EAC as well as students who are members of the Cybersecurity Club participated in the event. There were four teams in total. The team Trojan Access placed 6th, and the team Zero Access placed 9th.

Team Fork Bomb: John Clements, Denver Ellis, Alex Norman, and Julia Green

Team Ramrod: Nick Stewart, Gaige Ehrenworth, Booker Lytle, and Samuel Thomas

Team Trojan Access: Shane Champion, Andrew Bomberger, Ryan Ronquillo, and Zac Long

Team Zero Access: Connor Young, Aaron Mays, Chance Melby, and Taylor White


Team Zero Access won the PuzzleMasters Challenge



Article by: Seth Cook
Posted in: Department News

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