Spring 2022 Evaluation Schedule

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Course evaluations for the Spring 2022 semester will appear in the Qualtrics student dashboard using the following schedule:

Note: Evaluation start dates for terms ending in May have been pushed back to April 25th to allow more time for students to take the survey.

Spring 2022 Evaluation Schedule
Term Evaluation Availability Period
1st 5 Week Term Feb 9-23
1st 7 Week Term Feb 23-March 9
1st 9 Week Term March 16-30
2nd 5 Week Term March 23-April 6
2nd 9 Week Term April 25-May 10
2nd 7 Week Term April 25-May 11
3rd 5 Week Term April 25-May 11
Full Term Term April 25-May 11

View the course evaluations page for more information about the process used for distributing surveys, and instructions for faculty and students accessing their evaluations in Qualtrics QClassroom.

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