Monitor evaluation response rates with QClassroom

One of the benefits of using Qualtrics QClassroom to distribute course evaluations is that faculty have real-time access to data about student participation while the surveys are live.

Surveys issued through eLearning’s Qualtrics QClassroom system are confidential, so you won’t be able to see which students have completed the course evaluations for a particular section, but you can still monitor student participation on the Faculty Dashboard by viewing the response count for each course that lists you as the primary instructor in Banner.

To view this information, just login to QClassroom using the single sign-on option, and access the dashboard for your academic unit:

The first page visible on the Faculty Dashboard, labeled ‘Evaluation Info,’ displays a list of courses that have received responses and the number of students who’ve completed the survey.

Note: Question results and comments will not be accessible while the surveys are active, and the ‘Evaluation Info’ page will be the only one available until evaluations close.

During the evaluation period, you can use the data displayed here to measure class participation. If one of your courses doesn’t appear on the list, it means the survey hasn’t yet been completed by students, and you can reach out with a reminder.

If you’re looking for ways to motivate class participation, you can use the count displayed here to offer incentives based on the percentage of students who’ve completed the survey.

Contact if you have questions about the ‘Evalution Info’ page, any of the features in Qualtrics QClassroom, or UA Little Rock’s course evaluation process.

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