UA Little Rock Blackboard Office Hours: Calculating Grades

Blackboard Office Hours: Calculating Grades

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Blackboard’s Grade Center can be a bit overwhelming for those that are new to it because of the combination of options that are present for customizing calculations to fit different grading scenarios. In this presentation, we hit some of the highlights of calculating grades in the Grade Center using the default total column, which is included in every course at UA Little Rock.

The default total column is an example of a calculated total column set to display as the ‘External’ column and show the running score of all grade columns. Here, we break down what that means and walk through some of the options for displaying calculated grades in the Grade Center:

  • External Grades
  • Primary/Secondary Displays
  • Scores vs. Percentages
  • Running Totals
  • Columns and Categories
  • Types of Calculated Columns
  • Weighted Grades

You can also find more info about calculating grades on the Blackboard website, or reach out to eLearning support if you have specific questions about grades in your course.

Adding Bonus Points: We had a lot to cover in a short amount of time, so we didn’t have a chance to cover how to add bonus points to a calculated grade. This is achieved by adding a column specifically for bonus points and setting the points possible to zero so that any points added to the column count toward the calculated total without changing the points possible for the course.

You can find more information about adding bonus points on the Blackboard website.

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