Arkansas Certified Group Facilitators Network



Group facilitation is the process through which a neutral outside party helps a group to work together more effectively in order to solve a problem, make a decision, or complete a task. A group facilitator assists in identifying a group’s goals and designing a process by which the group will achieve those goals; guides implementation of this process (often in a group meeting or meetings); and prepares post-meeting products that document group findings and decisions.  Group facilitators are trained in methods for planning meetings, promoting teamwork, posing key questions, generating options and narrowing choices, focusing on task, making and recording group decisions, managing conflict, developing action plans, and evaluating meeting outcomes.

How could a group facilitator help my organization?

Government agencies and nonprofit organizations today often develop plans, investigate problems, make critical decisions and carry out other important tasks through meetings that involve staff and key stakeholders.  But in some cases, poor planning, lack of trust, and conflicting values and assumptions among members may impede a group’s progress in reaching its goals. In these cases, a group facilitator can assist by planning and managing meetings that help a group to recognize and overcome these obstacles. The result is a process that is more inclusive, decisions that are better-informed, and goals that are achieved in a timelier fashion.

Who we are

Members of the Arkansas Certified Group Facilitators Network have completed an intensive training program in group facilitation and have facilitated under the supervision of a recognized group facilitation mentor.  The Arkansas Public Administration Consortium (APAC) organizes and certifies this program. More information on this program can be found here.  Group facilitation mentors recognized by APAC are also members of the Arkansas Certified Group Facilitators Network.