DegreeWorks – Student FAQ

Can I Use DegreeWorks?
DegreeWorks will be used for Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate students which start in Fall 2017 or later, or those students which have had a change of major and/or have had their academic catalog updated to Fall 2017 or later. Most Graduate students which start in Fall 2016, or have their academic catalog updated to Fall 2016, will also have access to DegreeWorks.

How Can I Determine My Academic Catalog Year?
Your advisor will be able to tell you what your catalog year is, but you can quickly determine whether you are eligible to use DegreeWorks by using the link for running an unofficial degree audit from your BOSS account found here.

I Am Not Able to Use DegreeWorks Due to My Catalog Year, What Can I Do?
You should consult your advisor to find out if updating your catalog would be beneficial for you to complete your degree. Often degree requirements change between academic years, and updating your academic catalog year would set you back. If you have recently changed your program catalog, keep in mind it may take until the day after the change for you to be loaded into DegreeWorks.

My Information in DegreeWorks is Inaccurate/Missing, What is Going On?
DegreeWorks updates student information overnight, and changes that are made to student records throughout the day are not automatically reflected. You can however manually update your information listed in DegreeWorks by clicking on the refresh button found at the top of your audit next to the field that says “Last Refresh”

My Degree/Program Information is Not Correct!
If you have already attempted to refresh your information, please consult with your academic advisor to resolve any concerns with incorrect degree or program information that may appear on your degree audit.

Receiving a White Label Error?
If you attempt to log in to Degree Works and are presented with a “White Label Error”, you can log out of our university Single Signon Service by logging out/signing out of any of our enterprise applications, like Gmail, Blackboard, Banner/Boss to reset your connection to our campus services. Then, log back in again to Degree Works at   If you need assistance logging out/signing out of Single Signon Services CLICK HERE TO LOGOUT but please note that your campus applications will be logged out immediately on clicking this link so be sure to save any work before selecting the link below!