Future Year Calendars

This page includes information about the Academic Calendars for future years.

Academic Calendars begin with the fall semester of a school year. That fall semester is in the chronological year PRIOR to the actual academic year it occurs in. January after the fall semester, the Spring semester begins. The Spring semester crosses over into the new calendar year which is the same as the academic year and concludes with the summer semester of that academic year. The end of the Summer sessions also signals the end of the academic year.

For example: Ay 25 will include the Fall (August) 2024 Semester, the Spring 2025 semester and conclude with the Summer 2025 semester. The Fall 2024 semester is the beginning of Academic year 2025.

For Fall 2023, Spring 2024, or Summer 2024 semesters: use the Academic Year 2024 Calendar

For Fall 2024, Spring 2025, or Summer 2025 semesters: use the Academic Year 2025 Calendar

For Fall 2025, Spring 2026, or Summer 2026 semesters: use the Academic Year 2026 Calendar

For Fall 2026, Spring 2027, or Summer 2027 semesters: use the Academic Year 2027 Calendar