Declaring students in a UA Little Rock Online program

Summer will be here and gone before we know it, and then we’ll be quickly approaching an exciting fall semester. It can be a hurried time for all of us, especially our students.

As we assist students with the last-minute details, please remember that those who wish to enroll in a fully online degree or certificate program and receive the reduced standard tuition must be identified on the “UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus”.

Undergraduate program advisors or authorized staff must submit a campus-change request to the Office of Records and Registration by Aug. 11, 2017 so the student is on the correct campus by the first day of classes.*

Graduate program advisors should send via email all campus- or program-change requests from the student to the Graduate School (c/o Dana Steele) with their approval. New graduate students may select “Online Only” programs from the Graduate School application and be automatically placed on the correct campus upon admission.

Students must be identified on the UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus and declared in an approved online program to register in 9U online course sections.

For more information about the differences between Main Campus and UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus, please visit UA Little Rock Online Explained.

For policies regarding UA Little Rock Online/eLearning Campus registration, please visit our Policies section.

* Please contact the Office of Records and Registration for any questions regarding the undergraduate campus-change request form.

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