Course Overview

1302 – An introduction to the science of geology, the geological view of the human environment, how geologists learn about Planet Earth, and how society and geology interact. Active learning applied to natural processes shaping the earth’s surface, producing the solid and fluid earth, and historical development of geological paradigms. Three hours lecture per week. Three credit hours. (ACTS Course Number GEOL 1114 when taken with ERSC 1102)
1102 – Prerequisite or corequisite: ERSC 1302. A laboratory course designed to accompany ERSC 1302. Students observe, gather and manipulate data, interpret data, and make field measurements using minerals, rocks, graphs, and maps. The laboratory meets for two hours per week. One credit hour. (ACTS Course Number GEOL 1114 when taken with ERSC 1302)

Course Details

  • Course credit hours: 4