Transcript Processing Times Update

Due to the Spring 2018 end of semester processing, any transcript request(s) submitted between Friday, May 11 and Tuesday, May 15, will not be processed until Wednesday, May 16. You may request a transcript during this time and complete the payment portion. Due to the large volume of requests, transcripts may take three(3) to five(5) business days to process, this includes walk-in requests. Transcripts marked “hold for grades” will be sent with the Spring grades. Transcripts marked “hold for degree notation” will be sent after the degree has been posted.

If you are a high school concurrent student, please complete a paper Transcript Request form and complete the payment portion. High school concurrent grades are not available for three(3) to four(4) weeks after the UA Little Rock term has ended.

Please remember that unofficial transcripts are available to print using your BOSS Account.

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