Just One Week Left to Apply for Graduation!

The deadline to apply for graduation in the spring of 2023 is March 20 by 10 p.m. Follow the instructions below to get your application in today.

To apply for graduation:

Login to your BOSS Account
Select the “Student Services” tab.
Click on “Graduation Applications.”
Select Curriculum Term. (NOTE: This is not the graduation term, but your active major or program term.)
Choose the major or degree that you are applying for. If the curriculum does not match exactly what you are seeking, STOP and work with your advisor on making curriculum adjustments. Then go back into the graduation application and if the curriculum matches, continue.
Select Graduation Date: When both the spring and summer graduation applications are available, you will need to select the term you want to apply to graduate in, from the drop-down menu option.

NOTE: if you initially apply for spring graduation and later determine you need to apply for summer graduation, you must contact the Office of Records and Registration. The spring application MUST be de-activated before a summer application can be submitted.)
Continue to review and update information until you can submit the application.
The application will ask if you plan to attend the ceremony. Even if you select yes, you will still be sent an RSVP email shortly. Please keep a look out for and respond to that email so we can plan for your attendance at your commencement ceremony.

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