Top three ways investing in college gets more “mileage” than a new truck

Before you even think about spending money on a new truck, consider these reasons to instead invest that monthly payment into pursuing a college degree. (By the way, the UALR Benton Center is a great place to start since it provides an affordable hometown advantage where you may continue to work while also taking day, evening, or online courses.)

1. Vehicles depreciate...

Vehicles depreciate – education rarely does

Buckle up, because the very second you drive a truck off the dealer’s lot it loses value. But investing in yourself is always wise and a college degree is one of the highest investments you’ll ever make. The folks at Edmunds have created this infographic of depreciation milestones to show how quickly a vehicle loses its initial value. An education, on the other hand, provides a great value, as this list of the “100 Most Affordable Universities in America” demonstrates. (Did we mention UALR is on the list?)

2. Education advances your career...

Education advances your career – a new truck almost certainly will NOT

Has your boss ever turned to your co-worker and said, “I just noticed that new truck you are driving. How about a promotion?” Nope! Your boss doesn’t care about your new truck, but if he sees you taking advantage of educational opportunities, it’s a sign you are serious about developing a long-term career plan. In fact, according to Alexandra Levit's book, New Job, New You: A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career, without career development, you will not be marketable in your field in five years.

3. Vehicles won’t change your family tree...

Vehicles won’t change your family tree – an education will!

Are you the first in your family to even consider a college degree? Good for you! The best news about that is when you do finish a degree, you have empowered yourself to alter your family tree forever. Many of us started out with one or both parents not having a college education, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, statistically speaking, those raised by one or more educated family members have a greater shot at an improved quality of life…which leads to better odds your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will reap those same benefits.

Bottom line? A college education will propel your career, change your family tree, and provide a return on investment for years to come. Acquiring that new car smell won’t even come close.

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  • 4 year Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce
  • Nursing degree prerequisites

Benton courses are taught by UALR faculty. Our students are provided with the same quality instruction and campus life privileges as students at the Little Rock campus. They are also covered by the same academic policies.

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