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Educational Leadership

Educational Foundations

The Educational Foundations unit provides courses required by various programs throughout the college. Graduate and undergraduate courses support the learning and development of professional educators, counselors, administrators, and higher education professionals. Courses include educational research, qualitative and quantitative statistics, history and philosophy of education, measurement, and educational psychology such as human development, learning theory and cognition.


Current/Upcoming Classes

Class schedules are usually published one term in advance (e.g., the upcoming Summer schedule may not be available during the Fall term, the upcoming Fall schedule may not be available during the Spring term, etc.).

Education Foundations (EDFN)

Use the links below to view the schedule of classes for the current or upcoming term. For example, if it is currently the Fall term, clicking the Fall link would show the current list of classes. If it is currently the Fall term, clicking the Spring link would show the upcoming Spring semester of classes.

Course Sequence and Rotation
Research & Statistics Comprehensive Exam Study Guide

To provide you (the students) with continuity, the research and statistics portion of the comprehensive examinations will use a particular template in that a common research scenario will be provided for both. The exam will consist of two sections; research, both quantitative and qualitative and each worth 50 points; and statistics, worth 100 points.

Download the complete document here: Study Guide in Ed Foundations

Updated 11.1.2012