Research, Technical Assistance, and Outreach

The Institute of Government serves local, state, and nonprofit agency officials, employees, and managers throughout Arkansas and continues to be looked to as a leader in the provision of technical assistance and research support for these organizations and their employees.

Our researchers are ready to assist you in confronting the challenges of contemporary public and nonprofit management and administration. Our researchers are well versed in the issues relevant to public service and affairs – austerity, transparency, equity, evidence-based effectiveness, and accountability – and can help provide solutions to such issues through data-driven decision making using  appropriate evidence-based techniques. Our researchers offer years of experience with program evaluation and policy analysis across a host of policies and issues.

We have a vast toolkit from which to draw – from experiences organizing stakeholders in public, nonprofit, and private organizations, conducting spatial analyses of data using GIS, establishing performance measures, leading program evaluations, writing grants, facilitating strategic planning, providing performance assessments – and we look forward to discussing with you how we can be of assistance to your public or nonprofit agency, division, or organization.