ADA Accommodations for the Bar Exam

ADA Accommodations for the Bar Exam

From the court:

Qualified applicants claiming a disability that necessitates additional testing accommodations or additional time to complete the examination must file a Reasonable Accommodation Application along with all required supporting documentation. The burden of proof is on the applicant to show the need for any testing accommodation. The Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners reserves the right to make final determinations concerning testing accommodation and will have documentation reviewed by a medical specialist, psychologist or neuropsychologist at the expense of the Board. Applicants are advised that costs incurred in establishing a disability are the responsibility of the Applicant. If you wish to be provided the forms for requesting accommodation for the February 2020 Arkansas Bar Exam, email a request to In order for a request for reasonable accommodation to be considered by the Board, all the forms pertaining to the request must be completed by the appropriate parties and returned to the State Board of Law Examiners. All forms requesting reasonable accommodation must be received by 5 p.m. on the bar exam application deadline date. Mail or Deliver all applications to: State Board of Law Examiners Office of Professional Programs 2100 Riverfront Drive, Suite 110 Little Rock, AR 72202 

Students should begin to determine whether they will seek accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for the bar exam during their 3L year. Many students succeed in law school while receiving accommodations, and it is important to ensure early and comprehensive preparation for making a request to the Arkansas Board of Law Examiners for accommodations on the bar exam.  The Director of Bar Success Services can assist with preparing the request and answer questions about the process or refer the student to the Arkansas Board of Law Examiners.

It is the policy of the Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners to administer the bar examination and all other services of its office in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADA). A qualified applicant with a disability who is otherwise eligible to take the bar examination, but who cannot demonstrate under standard testing conditions that he/she possesses the knowledge and skills to be admitted to the Bar of Arkansas, may request reasonable test accommodations.

The Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners will make reasonable modifications to any policies, practices, and procedures that might otherwise prevent individuals with disabilities from taking the bar examination in an accessible place or manner, provided such modifications do not result in a fundamental alteration to the examination or other admission requirements, impose an undue burden, or jeopardize examination security.

To accommodate disabled persons, the Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners will furnish additional testing time, auxiliary aids, and other accommodations when necessary to ameliorate the impact of the applicant’s disability on the applicant’s ability to take the bar examination. No additional charges will be assessed to individuals with disabilities to cover the costs of reasonable accommodations.

More information and application details for accommodations available on the MPRE.