Delta Experience

Delta Experience

The Delta Experience is a unique two week summer intersession course in which students earn two hours of law school credit while expanding on Bowen’s mission of access to justice and public service. It is open to all students, including those who have completed the first year of law school.

During the first week of the program, students learn about Arkansas divorce law and requirements for service of process in divorce proceedings, as well as the history of the Arkansas Delta.  Then students prepare teaching materials to use and share with low-income citizens.

The second week of the Experience is an educational outreach and intake program conducted at public libraries in the Arkansas Delta. The students travel to the Delta to educate low-income citizens about grounds for divorce and what is necessary to obtain a divorce pro-se.  Those citizens interested in having direct assistance through the law school stay for intake interviews conducted by the students.

While in the Delta, the students visit the Desha County Courthouse, the Chicot County Courthouse, Lake Chicot, and the Japanese-American Internment Museum in McGehee.

Students then return to campus, where all intake interviews are reviewed to determine which cases are more appropriate for acceptance for direct representation through The Delta Clinic.