The Finch Society

Much of America lies in the margins of wide open spaces, in an expansive tapestry of nature that lies between our urban centers.  In those expanses of nature, we, as the Finch Society, propose to provide our friends in rural and small town settings with the right to humble legal counsel.  We will forge small practices in areas forgotten by generations of new lawyers, and we will revitalize dying or dead legal communities in pursuing the distinction of being a small town lawyer.  We will brave the idiosyncrasies of running small firms and representing all the characters and denizens of small town America.  We will not flinch at the presumed lack of prestige, knowing that much of America lies in the pastoral lands bordered by the backwoods where, yet still, law and justice also govern and must still be shepherded by the most important of all professions in this land of laws, the attorney.  We accept the challenge to uphold the sworn duty to expand modest legal communities through recruitment, mentorship, and patronage.  As law students, we will work to inform other law students of the opportunities in small town practice. We will guide our brother and sister attorneys to accept the call to cure the access to justice crisis that plagues our state and the country at large until thriving legal counsel is within arm’s reach of all who are touched by the law.