Business Innovations Legal Clinic and ASBTDC offer a free workshop series for small business entrepreneurs

word cloud of intellectual property termsThe Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC) is partnering with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law to conduct a free intellectual property workshop series for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The series will include interactive workshop webinars, downloadable toolkit materials, and short supplementary videos.

Three workshops in the series remain open for registration:

  • Introduction to Trademarks, July 8 at 1 pm;
  • Introduction to Copyrights, July 12 at 2 pm; and
  • Introduction to Patents and Trade Secrets, July 15 at 1 pm.

These interactive webinars will provide a basic understanding of each topic and focus on issues relevant to small businesses.

“Since the pandemic, we have been working non-stop to support laid-off or underemployed people who are trying to pivot in this new reality,” said Kim Vu-Dinh, assistant professor and director of the Business Innovations Legal Clinic. “The ASBTDC and the Clinic have been partnering for years now, and my students and I are extremely excited to have the time and resources this summer to hunker down and focus on creating materials that get to the heart of the intellectual property issues faced by new, small businesses.”

Housed on the main campus of UA Little Rock, the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center assists all types of for-profit businesses, from home-based to high-tech. Clients receive one-on-one confidential consulting, and market research, all at no charge. ASBTDC also hosts free webinars and live workshops throughout the year.

The Business Innovations Clinic is a legal clinic at the Bowen School of Law at UA Little Rock that provides high-quality, pro bono transactional legal counsel to small businesses and nonprofits working in economic development. Brett Harris, a third-year law student, will lead the webinars.

“ASBTDC is pleased to partner with Kim and the Business Innovations Legal Clinic to provide training and resources for small businesses on intellectual property,” said Laura Fine, state director of the ASBTDC.  “Kim and her students are a valuable resource for small businesses and non-profits, and through this project, more small businesses across the state will have access to their expertise.”

This series is funded by a CARES Act grant focused on supporting small businesses.

The workshops are free and open to the public and anyone can register on the ASBTDC website. For more information, contact the ASBTDC at 1-800-862-2040.

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