APALSA Walks for Community

Nov. 4, Bowen APALSA joined the Arkansas United Community Coalition (AUCC) in supporting the Just Communities of Arkansas (JCA) and participating in the Walk for CommUNITY.

APALSA members with the First Lady of Arkansas, Ginger Beebe.Since 1964, JCA has served Arkansas citizens by addressing a number of social justice issues. Regardless of the ethnicity, culture, race or religious beliefs of the community it serves, the goal of JCA has been to encourage people of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds to work toward mutual respect and cooperation while maintaining their distinct heritages. Founded as a regional office of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Just Communities of Arkansas is a member of the National Federation for Just Communities.

During the 13th annual Walk for CommUNITY, walkers and teams celebrated the diversity of the community and the uniqueness of each person in it.  Individuals, companies, organizations, and community leaders participated in this event to promote respect and understanding among all people. This wonderfully diverse crowd celebrated the progress that has been made in creating communities where every person is valued, where every voice is heard and everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

Proceeds from this event benefited JCA’s youth and community leadership programs.

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