Bowen honors students for top papers and service

The UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law has honored students who were awarded a Dean’s Certificate of Service or achieved Top Papers in their classes for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters of 2019.

“Our awards banquet was scheduled for March 14, but had to be canceled due to pandemic concerns,” said Rejena S. Grotjohn, Bowen’s assistant dean of student affairs. “It disappointed all of us, but it in no way diminishes our students’ accomplishments.”

Dean’s Certificate of Service

In support of Bowen’s core value of Public Service, the Dean’s Certificate of Service works to encourage students to make community service part of their professional lives. Projects benefit the Little Rock community, and are completed outside of the students’ normal educational, career, and family responsibilities

A student who completes 100 hours of public service during a 12-month period in which the student is in good standing at the UA Little Rock Bowen School of Law will be awarded a Dean’s Certificate of Service.  A student who completes 300 hours of public service during this period and is in good standing will be awarded a Dean’s Certificate of Distinguished Service.

The 2019 Dean’s Certificate of Service recipients are:

Edith Chavez De Oseguera, Dean’s Certificate of Service

Pam Davis, Dean’s Certificate of Distinguished Service

Shaquika Hughes, Dean’s Certificate of Service

Adam Rose, Dean’s Certificate of Distinguished Service

Madhav Shroff, Dean’s Certificate of Distinguished Service

Top Paper Awards

At Bowen, “top paper” can also mean “top grade” in demanding classes. In addition to class work and lectures, students spend hours studying, outlining, and writing.  They sacrifice time with family and friends. Many of them also work full-time jobs. Top papers recognize a semester of hard work and a grasp of legal principles gleaned from their classes.

Top Paper recipients are:

Spring 2019
Amick, Frances A,Research, Writing, Analysis II
Burke, Richard DavidInsurance Law
Butler, Cara DianeFederal Income Taxation
Butler, Cara DianeEntertainment Law
Butler, Cara DianeRemedies
Butler, Cara DianeJurisprudence
Cable, Adrian K,Tax Policy
Campbell, Caitlin AlanaBusiness Associations
Carter, Christen ElizabethCriminal Procedure Post-Trial
Cauley, Riley S.Supreme Court Litigation
Cauley, Riley S.Construction Law
Creed, Ashleigh N,Sales Transactions
Crosby, Michael B,Real Estate Transactions
Davenport, Caleb D,Family Law
Davis, Gabrielle M,Civil Procedure II
Dillard, Marla C,Business Associations
Fontenot, Jessica H,Legislation
Fontenot, Jessica H,Public Utility Law/Regulation
Gift, James M,Real Property II
Gould, Kimberly GailReal Estate Transactions
Graves, Will M,Employment Discrimination
Hall, John DanielReal Property II
Hill, Zachary A,Criminal Procedure Pretrial Process
Hoffman, Matthew LeeContracts II
Hoffman, Matthew LeeCivil Procedure II
Howard, Logan R,Law & Literature Seminar
Larkin, Glenn V,Sales Transactions
Larkin, Glenn V,Legal Profession
Little, Ryan JustinSpecialized Legal Research: Family Law
Lott, Rachel L,Immigration Law
Lott, Rachel L,Legal Profession
Manley, Marci M,Decedents Estates
Manley, Marci M,Corporate Justice
Murphy, Daniel F,Law Office Management
Plummer, Travis E,Race and Criminal Justice
Reddick, Connor M,Law & Medicine
Reed, Austin C,Research, Writing, & Analysis II
Riggs, Robbi DallasSpecialized Legal Research: Business Law
Spellman, Katelyn MarySpecialized Legal Research: Criminal Law
Steitler, Torie P,Specialized Legal Research: Business Law
Steitler, Torie P,Real Property II
Stiritz, Michael M,Criminal Law
Stiritz, Michael M,Contracts II
Stiritz, Michael M,Research, Writing & Analysis II
Swartzwelder, William J,Secured Transactions
Thomas, Susan B,Research, Writing & Analysis II
Thompson, Connor A,Research, Writing & Analysis II
Thompson, Connor A,Real Property II
Trevino, Andrew StevenSpecialized Legal Research: Family Law
Turansky, Christopher LouisFirst Amendment-Freedom of Speech/Religion
Wadley, Victoria LovelletteCriminal Procedure Sentencing
Wagnon, Bradley M,Specialized Legal Research: Business Law
Webb, Hannah E.Criminal Law
Witherspoon, Jessica LeAnneEstate Planning
Summer 2019
Little, Ryan JustinSecured Transactions
Manley, Marci M.Family Law
Stiritz, Michael M.Intellectual Property
Stiritz, Michael M.Juvenile Law
Swartzwelder, WilliamSports & Entertainment Law
Wilson, Eric N.Survey of Arkansas Courts
Fall 2019
Bayird, Sarah N.Family Law
Becknell, Conan N.Contracts I
Boyd, Colin DouglasResearch, Writing & Analysis I
Cable, Adrian K.Specialized Legal Research: Business Law
Cable, Adrian K.Comparative Law
Cole, David M.Contracts I
Cole, David M.Research, Writing & Analysis I
Davis, Gabrielle M.Evidence
Demailly, Catherine E.International Law
Dye, Savannah G.Remedies
Gift, James MichaelConstitutional Law
Gift, James MichaelEvidence
Hamilton, Nathan CodyLaw & Literature Seminar
Hill, Eric B.Real Property I
Hoffman, Matthew LeeEvidence
Hollinger, Caleb DouglasRemedies
Jankovsky, Jacob MarshallSpecialized Legal Research: Criminal Law
Larkin, Glenn VawnConflict Of Laws
Little, Ryan JustinSales Transactions
Mader, Edward JonathanAdministrative Law
Manley, Marci M.Specialized Legal Research: Family Law
Manley, Marci M.Judicial Practicum
Manley, Marci M.Business Associations
Manley, Marci M.Fourth Amendment Seminar
Mendez, Michelle E.Torts
Miller, Zoya Vista OksanaResearch, Writing & Analysis I
Mynatt, Casey L.Research, Writing & Analysis I
Neal, Grant M.Real Property I
Newell, Aaron S.Torts
Pruitt, Megan A.Research, Writing & Analysis I
Randolph, Shaquika TyeshaChild Welfare Practice
Reddick, Connor McMillenHealth Law
Reed, Austin CalebEvidence
Riggs, Robbi DallasFederal Income Taxation
Riggs, Robbi DallasEstate & Gift Taxation
Shelton, Shelby C.Moot Court Competition
Spier, Monica KathleenReal Property I
Stine, Sloane N.Research, Writing & Analysis I
Stiritz, Michael M.Evidence
Stiritz, Michael M.Real Property I
Stiritz, Michael M.Constitutional Law
Stiritz, Michael M.Civil Procedure I
Stiritz, Michael M.Criminal Procedure Pretrial Process
Swartzwelder, William JDecedents Estates
Swartzwelder, William JEmployment Law
Swartzwelder, William JConstitutional History
Taylor, Patrick J.Research, Writing & Analysis I
Treadwell, Dylan ScottHip Hop & the American Constitution
Tschiemer, Allison LynnAdministrative Law
Tschiemer, Allison LynnSpecialized Legal Research: Business Law
Turansky, Christopher LouisReal Estate Finance
Wagnon, Bradley M.Criminal Procedure Post-Trial
Wickliffe, Jacob IanCriminal Procedure Trial Process
Wilson, James A.Oil and Gas Law
Yeatman, Christopher LCivil Procedure I
Yeatman, Christopher LTorts
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