J. Thomas Sullivan

Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus
BA, 1972, University of Texas; JD, 1976, Southern Methodist University; LL.M., 1983, University of Texas
Room 406 | Phone: 501-916-5464 | Email
Assistant: Destiny Jones | Room 407 | Phone: 501-916-5428 | Email

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J. Thomas SullivanProfessor J. Thomas Sullivan photo teaches Criminal Procedure: Trial Process, Criminal Procedure: Post-Trial Process, Law and Psychiatry, Arkansas Criminal Trial Practice, and Film and Criminal Law. Prior to joining the faculty he served as the Appellate Defender for the New Mexico Public Defender Department and directed the Appellate Clinic at SMU School of Law. He has represented clients in both civil and criminal cases, in state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court and has represented capital defendants in trials, appeals and post-conviction proceedings. He is licensed to practice in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arkansas. Professor Sullivan has written in the areas of criminal law and procedure, appellate decision-making and practice, and law and psychiatry.  He is the founding editor of the Journal of Appellate Practice and Process.

Professor Sullivan’s Scholarship and Service