Faculty Senate Membership AY 13-14

Elected Members of the Senate, AY 13-14
If you have new information or spot errors, please e-mail them to Andrew Wright or Beth McMillan.


Terms ending 2015

Terms ending 2014

College of Arts, Humanities, and
Social Science
(14 seats)
Laura Amrhein
Ed Anson
Jess Porter
Andy Drummond
Simon Hawkins
Allison Merrick
Moira Maguire
Jo Anne Matson
George Jensen
Sarah Beth Estes
Paul Yoder
Joe Giammo
Brad Minnick
Robert Corwyn
Alt1:Kris McAbee, Rosalie Cheatham
College of Business
(4 seats)
Robert Mitchell
Jim Nickels
Mike Watts
Mark Funk
College of Education
(4 seats)
Greg Barrett
John Kuykendall
Judy Hayn
Jim Vander Putten
Donaghey College of
Engineering and Information Technology
(6 seats)
Gary Anderson
Nick Jovanovic
Mike Tramel
Pete Tschumi
Andrew Wright
Chia-Chu Chiang
William H. Bowen
School of Law
(3 seats)
Kathryn Fitzhugh
Adjoa Aiyetoro (OCDA F13)
alternate: Ken Gallant
Lynn Foster
Ottenheimer Library
(1 seat)
Carol Macheak
Alternate: Karen Russ
College of Professional Studies
(6 seats)
Sonny Rhodes
Jennifer Franklin
Mark Geise
Alternate: Crisp
Shannon Collier-Tenison
Judith Faust
Jim Golden
College of Science and Mathematics
(10 seats)
Bennie Prince
Denise LeGrand
Tar-pin Chen
Beth McMillan
Lirong Zheng
Bryan Benton
Marian Douglas
Elizabeth Sloan Davidson
Qingfang He
Tom McMillan

Ex officio Members (all with vote)

Position Represented
Chancellor Joel Anderson
Vice Chancellor and Provost Zulma Toro
President, University Assembly Andrew Wright
Immediate Past President of the Assembly Richard Ford
President, Staff Senate Chelsea Bishop
President, Student Government Association Lauren McNeaill