Behavioral Standards Committee

The Behavioral Standards Committee is an administrative disciplinary committee composed of students and faculty. It hears cases referred to it by the dean of students or designee whenever the behavior of the student or group is intentional and is in violation of the university’s non-academic behavioral standards. It also hears student organization cases upon referral from the dean of students when no governing body disciplinary board exists, and it has jurisdiction for appeals by a student of an adverse decision of a faculty member regarding disruptive behavior in the classroom.

The committee is composed of four (4) faculty members and two (2) faculty alternates appointed by the University Assembly president;  and three (3) students and two (2) student alternates appointed by the SGA. The faculty members and SGA may appoint students to serve as temporary members during the summer sessions. The faculty members serve two-year terms. Students serve one-year terms.

Appointees to Behavioral Standards Committee


Carol Macheak (faculty) (term expires 2023)

Laura Danforth (faculty) (term expires 2024)

tbd (faculty) (term expires 2023)

tbd (faculty) (term expires 2024)

Teresa Flowers –  (faculty alternate) term expires 2023

tbd (faculty alternate)

tbd (student appointed by SGA)

tbd (student – appointed by SGA)

tbd (student – appointed by SGA)

tbd (student alternate – appointed by SGA)

tbd (student alternate – appointed by SGA)