Alexandru Biris, Ph.D.

Professor of Systems Engineering

Director and Chief Scientist of the Nanotechnology Center

Alex Biris

Dr. Alex Biris leads the research in the Nanotechnology Center at UALR, exploring the science of nanostructures that can be used to alter the properties of other substances at the atomic level. Through collaborations with private corporations, universities in the state and nation, and research institutes in the United States and abroad, Dr. Biris serves as Director and Chief Scientist to accelerate the development of commercial applications of nanotechnology – which have the potential to revolutionize the way we manufacture the next generation of products. Key to Dr. Biris’ vision for the Nanotechnology Center is its aggressive outreach program to train and educate young people and other world class scientists who will serve and attract business and industry to Arkansas from the region and the nation. From 2006 Dr. Biris has also worked as an Assistant Professor for the Applied Science Department at UALR. Before becoming an Assistant Professor for UALR and during his work for the Nanotechnology Center, Dr. Biris has collaborated in over 100 scholarly publications.