Reports, AY 16-17

AY 16-17 census

Strategic Plan

Undergraduate Council

Graduate Council

Council on Core Curriculum and Policies

Faculty Governance Committee

Ad Hoc Committee on Admission Standards

Assessment Academy

eStem contracts

  • D1 (Chancellor Anderson cover letter)
  • D2 (Award from Walton Foundation to eStem)
  • D3 (Lease Agreement)
  • D4 (License Agreement)
  • D5 (eStem power point)
  • D6 (Board Agreement)
  • D7 (Witsell-Evans-Rasco quote)
  • D8 (Zulma Toro prospectus)
  • D9 (eStem power point)
  • D10 (memorandum of understanding and Chancellor Rogerson memo [12/7/17])